Get a grip on your complex legal projects with an independent Legal Project Manager. Do you face complex legal issues, but do you lack time or expertise? In that case, LegalTeams can provide you with:

The best team

Do you face complex legal business problems and are you looking for a team of specialists? We put together a working group of first-class legal specialists for you and take care of the project management. Do you have your own preferences? No problem. Our Legal Project Managers also work professionally with your own specialists.

The best method

LegalTeams keep a tight ship and steer your project and the project team in an effective manner based on the award-winning worldwide IILPM community principles and practices to enhance the delivery of legal services. Your strategic objectives are always key and every assignment is managed and budgeted by one of our seasoned Legal Project Managers as agreed. 

The best platform

Using the enterprise-grade collaboration platform XS2Files, powered by Visma Pinkweb, ensures not only secure communication but enables the team to work more efficiently. LegalTeams leverage the use of legal technology taking matter and project collaboration to the next level. With LegalTeams on your side you can continue to be on the ball.


Working method LegalTeams is committed to efficient working methods. To this end, LegalTeams brings together specialists, processes and technology. Our Legal Project Manager takes on the operational leadership: decisive and result-oriented. For your organisation, LegalTeams acts as the problem owner managing your goals, schedule and budget. Read more
For who? LegalTeams helps companies manage legal - often strategic and multidisciplinary - projects. Legal counsels, CFOs, CEOs, Director and Major Shareholders, and HR managers turn to LegalTeams. Despite their different background and issues at hand, the need is the same: ‘Provide us with someone who can assist in complex legal business matters. Someone with authority and overview.’ Read more
Why? There may be a lack of time or expertise to give a project the attention it requires. After all, quite a lot has to be done: putting together a multi specialist team, managing the team and continuously monitoring progress towards objectives. With LegalTeams, you know your project is run by an experienced Legal Project Manager who serves your interests, knows your goals and doesn’t lose sight of them. Read more

Some LegalTeams Use Cases

LegalTeams manages various projects, independent of the jurisdiction. Our projects are always complex and of a more strategic nature. They require a mix of legal specialists. Putting together and managing a team of specialists and the effective completion of the project require the necessary time and continuous attention. For example, LegalTeams may be involved in:

  • expansion or divestment of businesses;
  • starting of business operations in the Netherlands;
  • business restructuring and reorganisation;
  • acquisitions and mergers (preparation and follow-up post merger integration);
  • property fund transactions and property development;
  • governance and ESG;
  • supervising major lawsuits and mass claims proceedings.


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